sys adminA website's not a picture you hang on the wall and admire. It's more like a car you have to do maintenance on.

That's what system administration is all about.

Is the server kept up-to-date?

Is the software that runs your website current and free from security holes?

Is your website backed up? How often?

Can you actually get it back if the unthinkable happens?

We have over 30 years of Linux/Unix System Administration experience and put it to work for you, keeping your website humming.

web hostingWhy is OpenFace Systems different?

Yes, you can get web hosting for $3.99 a month. You can also buy a Ford Escort wagon for $350 on Craigslist.

We don't suggest either.

The hosting package is the engine behind your website. It's what keeps it running. Is it reliable? Secure? Do you have good support? For the $3.99 a month, your site will be crammed onto a server with over a thousand other websites. What's wrong with that? Imagine trying to get a dozen people into that Escort wagon.

We will never overburden our servers with more sites than they can comfortably handle.

cms newThere are a number of "build your own" website services out there.

Each has it's stengths, some more user friendly than others. But in order for these companies to support millions of such sites they have to simplify them.

This is a nice way of saying they're going to limit the designs of the sites and their functionality.

We recommend Open Source software is software that's freely licensed to all, that anyone can modify and extend.

Using Open Source you're not constrained by the designs or functionality of the million other sites a company runs.

We can make the site look like what you want and have the functionality you need to make your business a success.

email camp"Out of Sight, Out of Mind" is more true today than ever.

If your clients haven't seen anything from you in a while, they probably aren't thinking about you.

Email can be one of the most effective ways of keeping your organization's products and services near the top of your clients' minds.

There are a number of ways to make email and effective win-win solution for you and your clients.

We can help you create and send valuable emails to your clients.