You may not notice the lock icon beside the "www.openfacesystems.com" in your browser's address bar, but it's there for a reason. This lock icon means two things

  1. that a trusted 3rd party vouches for us that we are indeed openfacesystems.com and
  2. that all the data going between you and us is encrypted and safe from prying eyes

This type of connection is called SSL. E-commerce sites have been using this technology since they've been around. Clearly you want to know the e-commerce site you're dealing with is who they say they are and that your sensitive information, like credit card info, is hidden from bad guys. But why is this important for other sites? Knowing who a user is dealing with and taking security seriously are still important, no matter the type of site. As an additional incentive, Google has started using the presence of SSL as a ranking signal. That's right, sites that use SSL will now be ranked higher in Google than those that don't.

At OpenFace, we want to help you succeed on the web. So we're offering a special on SSL hosting for an additional $50 per year. This includes the purchase of the necessary digital certificate and its installation and configuration. Unfortunately, this isn't just a simple "push a button" install. To really be done right, it takes some tweeking from the default web hosting configuration. But we now get an official A+ rating from Qualsys Labs, the industry leader in all things SSL.

Call or email us today and let us help you get an SEO leg up on the competition and help establish your users' trust in your site.