One generally thinks of the sites that hackers target as being multi-billion dollar enterprises like Target or Home Depot, but this past month three of our sites have come under attack. Hackers from the Ukraine and Russia hit these sites with literally thousands of login attempts per hour to the administrator side. Of course, we have software installed that locks people out from attempted logins after three successive failed login attempts from the same network address. But that didn't stop the hackers from continuing to try. Although they utterly failed at getting administrator login priviledges, they did slow our server down due to the amazing amount of network traffic they generated. Once I saw what they were doing, I could block them from ever seeing the login screen, but this took a bit of time and our sites did experience some performance issues in the meantime. I'm looking into automating the defense if they keep up these attacks. I'm hoping this won't be necessary, since they aren't getting anywhere with us and will hopefully move on to other easier targets. Stay tuned for updates.